The Deborah Hutton Campaign is a peer-to-peer smoking prevention charity. Our short film and social media project, Cut Films educates young people about smoking in a creative way. The Campaign works in partnership with Government, local authorities, schools and youth groups to deliver targetedsmoking interventions.

Deborah Hutton was Health Editor of Vogue for twenty- years and as a smoker in her youth, she later actively campaigned on health issues, including the issue of smoking. Her death from lung cancer compels her family and husband, leading film director - Charlie Stebbings - to continue her campaign to stop every young person even wanting to smoke.

What we do

Our first youth focused project, Cut Films is an annual national short film competition. It is a chance for young people to engage, create and produce their discoveries about the truth of smoking. So rather than being passive viewers, young people working collaboratively can use this opportunity to actively raise aspirations and convince their peers to reconsider their behaviour and attitudes towards smoking.